O thou kind God! To me thou art kinder than myself, and thy love is more abundant and more ancient. Whenever I am reminded of thy bestowals I am made happy and hopeful. If I have been agitated I obtain ease of heart and soul. If I am sick, I gain eternal health. If I am disloyal, I become loyal. If I have been hopeless, I become hopeful. O thou Lord of the Kingdom! Cause thou the rejoicing of my heart; empower my weak spirit and strengthen my exhausted nerves. Illumine thou my eyes: suffer my ears to become hearing, so that I may hearken to the music of the Kingdom and attain to the joy and happiness everlasting. Verily, thou art the Generous, the Giver, and the Kind!

‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Star of the West, - 5 p. 233